5 Students

March 3, 2012.

Quick strides in anticipation of the coming events of the day, liberation from the bonds of acedemia and an excited disposition to the drive home with the windows down. My pace was almost too quick that I nearly missed the joyful sounds springing from voices only a couple feet away. It was praise. It stopped me for a moment for in a community full of those without hope, one hardly sees hope. Obviously these people did. For all public eyes and hopeless souls to see this group of five students sand out their hope. More so than most these students knew the saving that all those around them needed. And without hesitation or fear of slander or persecution, these admirable followers gave it out. Their love for their God poored out of them as they stood eyes closed and hands high in the bussiest part of the community and gave of themselves.
By this point I hate to even whisper it, but I had given up. I would not deny my God but the world seemed so hopeless and so unresponsive to my calls that I decided to simply keep it to myself. And there I go… becoming one of the hopeless. But these servants succeeded in their mission. And if they didn’t give hope to many others, they at least restored it to me. I walked away singing along and moving a little more slowly so as to enjoy the beautiful sound for as long as I possibly could.

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