Alone in the Hallway

March 5, 2012.

She moved in the hallways of her school like any other teenage girl. She had her purse on her shoulder and her binder full of useless papers cradled to her chest. She pushed her hair back and waved it while the whole time flashing a smile. She walked in simultaneous movement with her friends and chatted about the latest school drug bust. She would tear up when she was having a bad day and smile on her good days. She had a rough past and suffered often from that. Her mind thought intentally about things drew far fetched conclusions; sometimes it gave her inspiration and sometimes it made her irrational. No one would have any reason to believe she was any different from the 600 other girls in that hallway… that’s because she wasn’t.

In her mind she was alone, she had no one like her and no one could help her. Her problems and issues and fears and thoughts were unique and solo. Ironically though, they weren’t. She didn’t want to here that though. Even in her problems she still sought to be unique, to be special because she was never treated as special before.

She refused help. She denied aid. She pushed away those who tried to love because she was afraid their intentions were fake. She thought she was alone, but what she didn’t understand was that most of those other 600 girls walking just like her in the hallway understand, they like her, choose to push the concept that others understand away… because like her they all wanted to feel special, they all wanted to feel unique, they all wanted to be loved and loved in true honesty.

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