The Bear

April 4, 2012.

The most perfect man in the world is right here with me. Not once have I seen him without a smile on his and not once have I seen him downcast. When I am happy and hopping from place to place doing my daily tasks he simply sits back and watches me with a grin knowing that he is mine. When I am sad or lonely he is always there to let me put my arms around him. He envelops me in him warmth and softness. Though he might be slightly worn and a tad bit tattered, I know he will make it through anything. His bow tie always shoes his classy side but his disposition suggests he is laid back as he simply sits on my bed all day patiently awaiting my return to sleep. He knows when not to speak and he knows when to listen and he convicts the emotions of those most important. Not a man he is, no. But a bear. A nice teddy bear. And what better man to have, one that you know won’t leave you and one that you know will always be by your side. While this isn’t always true for those real mean out there having a bear simply reminds you that one day Mr. Perfect will come along, and until then you have the bear.

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