Beauty: You Decide

April 9, 2012

It must get tiring. Looking at yourself in the mirror day after day and not liking what you see. Not even “not liking” but being totally disgusted by what is peering back at you. It must be a drag to walk amongst a world of beautiful people thinking that your face or your body doesn’t even begin to compare to those around you. It must be hell getting up hours before necessary just to spend pointless amounts of time redoing and redoing your make up and straightening and straightening your hair just to convict one “you look pretty today” from some random girl in your class. It must be awful believing that you were cursed with bad looks while in actuality it’s all in your head. The ability to walk confidently, not knowing you are perfectly beautiful but knowing that everyone has flaws and those being what makes you beautiful. The honest truth? There will always be someone more beautiful than you. Always. Some more honest truth? It doesn’t matter. What matters is your health and what matter is your head. If you are healthy and if your mind says you are beautiful then don’t counter it with superficial worldly trends. If your mind doesn’t say you are beautiful then change it. Change your mind so it does. Then walk around with the confidence knowing that you are in control of your beauty. It might take time and it might take struggle but the end result is freeing because you no longer look in the mirror and doubt yourself. You look in the mirror and you remember you were made the way you are for a reason and that is beauty in itself.

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  1. If I may add to the equation of this beauty I agree health and your mind are super important all women are beautiful I believe that they are for they are fearfully and wonderfully made. we all were created by a loving and great God that loves us and cares for us. He knows why he made us the way he did. Hope you have a blessed day.