Because It's Yours

February 14, 2012.

Because it’s yours: dance. Because it’s yours: sing. Because it’s yours: set unattainable goals and attain them. Because it’s yours: wear what you want. Because it’s yours: do things that actually matter. Because it’s yours: do things that don’t matter and make them matter. Because it’s yours: eat healthy so you have more time. Because it’s yours: eat that ice cream sundae when your mother tells you not to. Because it’s yours: smile all the time, even at strangers because smiling is fun. Because it’s yours: love who you want to for no reason and all of the reasons. Because it’s yours: treat it with respect, because it’s your life. Because it is your life live it not by the standards of others because it’s not theirs. Don’t live it by what society tells you to do or what your mom says is acceptable or what your best friend tells you look cute or not or what adults say about young love.

Your life should be defined by you. Not by the people who have influenced it. Not to say those aren’t important because they are, but it is your life. Though they may have had a hand in who you are… who you are came from in you. And from no one else. So who are they to tell you how to live right? It’s your life. Live it how you feel is right: Because It’s Yours.

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