April 6, 2012.

People aren’t lying when they use the phrase “you need to move on”. They don’t say it to be cliche or say it because there is nothing else to be said; they say it because some people do. End of story. Not moving on like books or movies depict where some huge ordeal takes place and two people stop talking and then soon after “move on” by ritualistically finding a new partner, no one of that. While sometimes that can be a small step or guide towards moving on it isn’t the end result. Some need to move on because they don’t have to just float to the next guy/girl around, they need to understand that their self worth exceeds that of the person whom treated them poorly. They need to “move on” be realizing that they aren’t defined by that other person. That they themselves are enough to stand strong. And while they may miss someone or want them back or feel like they are destined to be together… sometimes the best thing to do is look objectively at conversations and observe who really is the one that deserves the other. At the end of the day it can hurt. Knowing that you are in tune with someone else of a much higher caliber while some part of you is wishing to hold onto the spark and the unselfish love that once existed. It is bittersweet.

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