April 18, 2012

Racing here, racing there. Head running this way, head running that way. Information thrown in, information taken out. Back and forth and up and down. Never a break. Never a quiet moment. Never a time to do what everyone else does. Never just relaxing. Never going to bed doing something you want to do because you are doing something you have to do. Bittersweet it is really. A life that is never dull compared to a life with some dullness. I wonder what it’s like to be bored. To have absolutely nothing to do that you end up bored? Such an interesting prospect really and I would hate to visit it. While my life may be crazy. And while I never get a moment to breath, I most certainly would not trade it for a life of boredom. That would be foolish. So for now I will cope and I will continue to work and work and race and race, and maybe one day I will find the strength to compartmentalize and find balance. Until then, no boredom for me. And that is perfectly okay.

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