A Buttered Roll in a Jail Cell

January 30, 2012.

You are in a jail cell. You performed some illegal action and are now paying the price. Paying the price reality in a less than comfortable habitat. Dark and musty and bars covering the only weak points. A cot with no padding and a sink that constantly dripped. Dripped. Dripped. Dripped.

Loneliness and haunted dreams stalked your awake hours and you asleep ones as well. Everything was dark, color didn’t exist in this world. Life didn’t exist in this world. Happiness didn’t exist in this world….. or did it?

Everyday the guard brought you 3 square meals. Breakfast for today was buttered rolls! Mmmm. Later that day the sun finally shifted into the perfect position outside of your small window. The light was at the perfect angle to reflect off of the broken mirror above your sink and create a makeshift rainbow on the cement ground. Later that day the guard brought you an extra blanket to do with what you please…. You decide to make a blanket fort, to make yourself feel more at home.

Well all fall into torturous situations at times, but it’s up to us to find the smallest things to make us happy. Like a tasty meal or your favorite song coming on your ipod shuffle. Find those buttered rolls in the jail cell; find those moments to lift your spirits out of depression and coldness. The littlest things can change a lot.

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