The Castle in the Sky

January 12, 2012.

Who knew that dreams actually came true?! These two didn’t until well, theirs did. They walked up to the castle with open mouths and wide eyes. They had never seen anything as astonishing and breath taking than the castle that was standing before them. It was perfectly crafted with a light stone that had just a slight green tint to it. The two of them approached the massive wooden front doors and with all their strength pushed them wide open. The inside was just as perfect as the outside. Covered in giant glass walls the room glowed as if it was a giant deposit of gold. To the right was the kitchen where aromas of every exotic food floated in the air. The dining room contained a table of champions where multitudes of friends and family could fit and fill the air with joyous conversations. Dancing halls to the left shined with two story mirrors that reflected the flying moves of the dancers. A music room next door was littered with every instrument ever imagined and more. A perfect design let the music fill the air with the power of a thousand suns. Bedrooms upon bedrooms were scattered all around. Up at the very top of the castle sat the observatory were countless hours could be spent absorbing God’s magnificent creation. Back downstairs when walking towards the back were giant doors to the right. The library: where hundreds of royal bookshelves covered the room like a maze. Book of all kind were there telling the stories of the world, of the past, present, and future. One giant bay window sat in the front with a perfect view of the garden and a solitary desk was placed to let in the rays of afternoon sunlight and allow glimpses of the night sky. A perfect desk for doing writing by… Then the best part of the castle comes last. At the very back lay one solitary but perfect door. With the turning of its knob a whole new world was created. The room didn’t contain much a first sight just the most exquisite and most beautiful piano ever seen. The keys were perfectly tuned and allowed the playing of any song imaginable. When the light hit the surface at the perfect time the piano glowed as if it was enchanted. Giant glass doors lay open the sea side outside where the sunlight reflected. Worlds and stories untold lay in the air particles floating above this piano. And stories and stories are created with each touch of a key. I guess it is enchanted.

The two stand in awe at the sight before them. They both simply lay on the floor for hours taking everything in and not speaking a word, though both knew what the other was thinking… The castle was clever in that way. It communicated when words could not describe it.

As the two opened their eyes they see it’s just trees above them. No castle or grand piano… just woods of green. Neither knew what to say but both stood up and smiled at each other. As they parted ways they made eye contact and understood that they would be back the next day to do more exploring in the castle in the sky.

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