Chasing Sunlight

March 25, 2012.

The key was turned multiple times before the engine would take life; but when it finally did, the car was roaring with excitement. Hands waved goodbye and the car was put into drive. With the windows rolled down and the music turned up (possibly a little too high) the trip back to reality wouldn’t be so awful. After a couple twists and turns of suburban streets, the highway revealed its beautiful 65 mph speed limit and stunning straightaways. While this was exhilarating something more presented itself on the horizon. Whatever was behind me was taking the color of the dusk while in front of me existed the rainbow of day to night. The left over sun from the hotness of day shown like a pastel picturesque painting that passer-by like to stare at hoping some feeling of peace will wash over them. But I was witnessing the real thing.

Yet soon enough it started to fade. The dark blue of night began to infringe upon the painting’s boundaries, but of course I couldn’t let that happen! I flipped to a more meaningful cd of songs and pressed my foot hard against that pedal. The car whined at my insistence, but knew I was doing it for a reason and so willingly sped up. Farther and farther into night the sunlight slipped and farther and farther in distress I went. The closer I got to reality, the more the night presented its demeaning qualities.

By the time my destination was reached the sun was all but gone and I was left with nothing but a realization that tomorrow would come too quickly and so swiftly would the stress resume its normal nook in my blood stream. The sunlight was my one last chance at happiness and at peace, but no matter how fast I drove the sunlight was always going to go away and nothing I could do would stop that.

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