Closer and Closer

April 2, 2012.

On the brink. On the edge. On the brim. On the frontier. On the threshold. Of a miracle. Of an epiphany. Of a discovery. Of a revelation. Of an idea so large and so brilliant that one mind must take what seems like an eternity to come up with. With this idea so close to tangibility the anticipation forces my heart to be a flutter. Pushing further and further my excitement heightens. The waking up of the trees and the long lasting golden sun bring a sense of hope to my future; it’s as if they know what I know as well, that something big is coming and it will be brilliant.

My mind won’t release this idea from its inner quarters just yet, it’s wanting me to be patient. While patience has sadly been vacant from my disposition I am finding it hard, yet I will do it because I have never wanted anything more in my entire life. Tonight my eyes will close in anticipation of that idea. I will fall asleep on the edge for this one revelation this one brilliant idea that must have come from somewhere else will fulfill my yearning of what I want in this life. Closer and closer I get. Closer and closer I am drawn. Closer and closer to the idea.

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