February 16, 2012.

My eyes are drooping and my head is aching. My heart is full but my brain is running on empty. A little more time would be nice, that’s all. A little time for rest. A time for me. Time to sit down for a cup of tea. How lovely would that be? Just me and some tea.

No hindrances or worldly callings to bring me back down. Not hearing my name constantly being called over and over again. Not another homework assignment, not another forced responsibility. Just me and a cup of tea.

A blanket would be nice too would it not? Me and some tea and a blanket to keep things interesting. A small evening breeze would complete the feel I believe with small candles darted around the room. And of course me and a cup of tea.

My eyes are still drooping and my head is still aching and yet here I am still going. Still pushing as time is rushing even faster by. Only if only I could ask time to simply pause so I could just sit down. Just me and a cup of tea.

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