A Different World

April 23, 2012

Sometimes life becomes too much of a reality for me. Sometimes my days are so long and so tedious and so full of strenuous thought and concern that there never seems to be an end in sight, there never seems to be a goal… there’s never a break. A break would be nice, one with blissful moments and memories to look back on for years to come when times get tough. But alas, this break never seems to come. So I must resort myself to my imagination. I think back to all of the wishes I have made and I play it out in my head as if those wishes really did come true. What would happen? How exceedingly happy would I be?

These daydreams of my wishes become my only reason for being able to sleep soundly at night. While my brain is telling me to lay down my head thinking of all I must do tomorrow, my body tells me to remember these wishes because it knows the wishes will always win the brain over. My days become brighter and my nights become more peaceful as these dreams take over my thought. While on the outside I still resume a stiff anterior focusing on what is ritualistically right, I am swirling with a different life inside.

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