Eternal Vacation

March 11, 2012.

How does a vacation sound? To maybe no where in particular… somewhere new though. An unexplored territory with brand new things to see and exciting new people just waiting to shake your hand. With a camera around your neck and a note book and pen in hand the world is ready to be captured. Around every corner is a discovery, for everything is previously unseen. Buildings or forests or shops or mountains, it’s different. It’s a break. A separate time.

A vacation sounds nice. One where you are alone. Your phone is off and the world of stress and worry dissipates. No one is keeping tabs on you, no one is bothering you with inconsequential issues and getting upset when you don’t respond, no. The world is different, the world is new, everything is fresh, as if everything previous and everyone you left just disappears. Would that be such a bad thing? Alone at last and in somewhere new. I want to go on a vacation, and I never want to come back…

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