Expectation's Funny Bone

January 5th, 2012.

“You know what sounds good to me?” He asked her with a cutsie little grin on his face. “A day by the river.” He replied. “We could bring a picnic blanket and a basket with lots of food and-“

“Cheeses and berries and bread and butter and of course tea.” She interjected getting excited.

“Yes, yes darling all of those things! And maybe a nap under the sun on the river bank.”

“We can skip stones in the water like they do so cliche-like in the stories!” She said smiling at the possibility of having a cliche love day with him as she has never had one before…

The next day came and they had all of their plans drawn out. They pulled up to an empty point at the river and began to unload their things for the day. Just as they got everything pulled out and set up small raindrops began to fall. A few sprinkles they decided they could manage until those sprinkles turned into a monstrous downfall. Hearts were broken and frowns made an appearance as the oh so fantasized day did not meet their oh so high expectations. Drenched and grumpy from the disappointment, she began to gather their things. As she yanked to pull the toughly placed umbrella out of the ground she lost her footing and slipped on the freshly wet mud. With a splat mud went flying all around covering parts of the beautifully prepared snack and unfortunately his new dress pants. Shocked at first, he came to laugh. A disappointed chuckle at first but then a true laugh as they both looked so absurd. He kicked around some more mud with his shoe and she began to flick some at him.

Some fun started to happen and before they knew it they were both covered in mud from head to toe and rolling down the hill near the river bank. Laughing and giggling they lay in the cold and wet simply enjoying each others company and the fact they both looked rediculous: though it didn’t change the view of one another a bit, and they walked away hand in muddy hand being more at peace and joyful than when they were dreaming about their “perfect cliche day.”


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