The Facade

February 10, 2012.

An evil love at best. Dark eyes. Dark thoughts. Dark hearts… with beauty deep down. No one else saw the beauty. Multitudes and multitudes strode past only seeing the dark. The evil facade that he kept up. They were entranced by him, though they were scared.

Though most don’t realize I tend to be rather observant. I knew from the start there was more to him. He wasn’t evil. He wasn’t mean. He wasn’t this hard soul he pretended to be. He had a soft heart, but a strong opinion. He spoke kind words and he loved like everyone else. The facade: why the facade? With me it’s non-existent… I don’t see it. Only to the rest of the world does there seem to be mask. With me there is a laugh, a giggle. With me there is a soft tear. With me there is a relaxed eye. So why the facade?

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