February 20, 2012.

Why are any of us so scared to fail? Is it the overwhelming thought that someone we care about will be disappointed in us? Or is it the terrifying prospect that we could end up as one of those on the streets? Or is failure simply the ideal that someone will always be better? Or is it a social standard? However it is defined, it undermines the plans we set forth for ourselves. It holds us back from achieving our true potential because we are so worried we are going to fail. Whether is means failing one class or losing your corporate job or anything in between or all around everyone feels the sting of possible failure. As it plagues us, our endeavors seem to fall prey because instead of spending our time working toward a goal we spend our time counting the ways we will fail.

Spending our time concentrating on how to succeed will further us along in ways thinking about how to fail will not. So tomorrow when you wake up simply think: how can I succeed today?

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