Finding the Secret Code

January 13, 2012

We all talk about finding ourselves. Finding who we want to be, what we want to be. We all yearn to find that secret code that seems to write our lives. That invisible ink that on a piece of parchment somewhere in the universe contains the second by second play by of our lives that we so yearn for. To know what our future holds, to know what our destiny is…

Why worry about finding a code? Life is not buried treasure, it’s not about following some map and decoding secret codes to find out who you are. Searching is frustrating and disappointing and sometimes leaves you empty handed.

Revealing. Our master planner has indeed written our future. But it’s not about playing games with him. He isn’t interested in a game of hide and sneak, rather He is intent on His plans for our lives being revealed to us as we grow through Him. We don’t find anything. It’s not about our selfish desires and our so longed for dreams. While these are important and He gives us a say, it is about His plan for his and his timing for us to understand his plan. So my friends I ask you, do not fret. Do not worry about finding yourself. God will reveal his plan to you, for He has a brilliant and unique one for each and every one of us.

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