Fixing a Nail with a Screwdriver

January 9, 2012.

May I just say that this piece goes great while listening to “Fix You” by Coldplay…

We were all born with the natural tendency to have problems: to make mistakes, to lie, to hurt, to break…. problems. As we grow and mature our problems become more complicated, we all have something a little more powerful to worry about than a missing Barbie Doll (not to say that isn’t important of course).These problems, these hardships become part of our ever day existence, the “problem” with this is that in begins to have an effect on those around us.

Being the person I am and some of you being the people who you are find yourself caring, worrying, obsessing about other people’s problems because they mean so much to you and are so dear to your heart that you can’t help but lay a protective wing over them and do what all great screwdrivers do… fix. Work and twist and turn and push until all of a sudden… BAM… brand new. Only it doesn’t work like that, yet those of us who fix still think it does.

Frustrations brew, emotions are high, tears are shed because when someone we love is in pain and we can’t fix it…. it’s our fault right? I guess that’s the problem with trying to fix a nail with a screwdriver: it doesn’t work.

Alone you cannot change a persons mind or heart: you can only give them all that you can and pray and hope that the change happens within them. That is the only true way to truly fix.

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