Friendships: The Truth in Being Truthful

January 1st, 2012.

So often it seems that people look over the gravity of deep relationships and search out friendships they know will simply be on the top level or end up as superficial friendships. They are fun to hang out with or go do activities with but when worst comes to worst and friendships become tested things change, people fight, and friendships are ended. While this happens quite often and while it is sad, people and life continue…

On the other side of things there are those random but beautiful relationships that have the potential to be life-long relationships, and while the same wear and tear effects these friendships they often times suffer much more due to the fact that there is more to hurt and more to give up. Arguing back and forth and rumors spread and questions ask create broken hearts and frustrated thoughts back and forth and back and forth for what seems like forever.

So why not be honest from the start. When something happens instead of being frustrated and upset take the situation back to its original source. The pettiness of young friendships brings this confusion but to further wisdom and build relationships truth brings the ease and the power to be mature and to build those rare life-long friendships that don’t come from shallow friends.

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