The Genuine Cup of Tea

January 4th, 2012.

There once was a cup of tea. This cup of tea wasn’t the best, but it was good: a genuine crowd pleaser. There once was a cup of coffee. This cup of coffee was the best coffee there ever was: perfect crisp taste, pleased everyone. The cup of tea was perfectly happy in its own little world. Pleasing people with its warm relaxing sensation. Peering into other people’s lives through deep tea time talk. While coffee on the other side never left a persons hand. Being gulped before a big meeting or on the way to school, that cup of coffee was living it up and making it big. Before long coffee began to boast about its delicious flavor and exciting effects until before long the cup of coffee saw itself as the superior beverage above that gentle and content cup of tea. The cup of coffee rose and rose in popularity while the tea simply pleased those few fans it had left and was simply okay with it.

Time passed and the cup of tea was still perfectly content in its solidarity. The cup of coffee was still going, energizing people left and right. As time passed on though the taste of the cup of coffee became too much for some to handle. Slowly but surely the cup of tea was re gaining those who had left. And the love people had for that cup of tea continued to grow…

Why be what everyone wants you to be? Why conform to be the crowd pleaser? You may be “living it up” in a world where you always have a friend, but what if that world isn’t truly yours, but one that is being written by those around you. Though it may be difficult at times, it pays off to be the cup of tea in the end. The one who is always at peace with herself/himself. Not trying to be a certain way for anyone. Because in the end everyone goes back to the cup of tea… the one who is genuine.

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  1. You call the cup of tea a "genuine crowd pleaser," but then you go on to say that we shouldn't have to be the crowd pleaser. What up wit dat?