Human Specific

April 15, 2012

Boys say girls over think things. Girls say boys are stupid. Boys say girls are too emotional. Girls say boys are assholes.

Boys over think things. And girls are stupid. Boys are emotional. And girls are assholes. These traits are not gender specific. Just like heart break isn’t gender specific. The one who feels more will always hurt more. And no matter the gender, girl or boy, whoever is being broken up with will act like an asshole for a while. Boys cry. And girls cry. Heartbreak is heartbreak no matter who you are. While some show it different ways, and while some don’t show it at all, when a heart is broken there is pain. The insecurities that live deep with in each and every single one of us (me included, which is saying something as my confidence level is through the roof) are brought to light by rejection. No matter the gender, the matter the age, no matter the type, rejection hurts and rejection is painful. It is not gender specific. It is human specific.

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