I am coming to YOU, live from...

The empty Starbucks in McKinney. I suppose most other people have crazy massive plans on a Friday night such as this one, but I have resorted to doing homework with my only entertainment being the cute guy behind the counter. (I love Starbucks boys. it's something about the way they can just whip out my favorite beverage at the slide of a card.)
Update: cute counter boy just walked right past the table I am sitting at. He walked mighty close to me. How exciting! oh goodness what has my life come to. I am quite awful at the whole "doing homework business" What can I say, I just love Starbucks so very much. When I am feeling tired and uninspired my resolution is always Starbucks. The coffee and extra shot of espresso wakes me up and the atmosphere of the little shop gets my creative juices flowing. Of all the things in this world to be thankful for Starbucks is definitely on my top ten list. Homework is calling my name so I must answer it, have a lovely evening/night readers. You WILL be hearing from me soon.  

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