The Imperfections of Perfection

January 19, 2012.

Posting perfect words. Singing perfect songs. Painting perfect masterpieces. Playing perfect notes. Perfectly solving problems. Perfect perfect perfecctt peeerrrrfffeeeccttt djgdgnkbf.

Perfect: so people can’t deny me compliments. Perfect: so no one can doubt me. Perfect: to be the best.Perfect: so that every little thing must be monitored and edited to be accepted by every. single. person. Perfect: because everyone’s opinion matters.

Imperfect: so people can see that I am like them. Imperfect: so I can have a free heart and not have a care. Imperfect: I can write with a free hand. Imperfect: I can be me. Imperfect: so I can be an individual. Imperfect: to have fun with the things you love. Imperfect: because no one’s opinion matters.

I don’t always write perfect. I don’t always edit things the way they grammatically should be edited. I don’t always have something philosophical to say. I don’t always have a serious thought. I don’t always rhyme every line of my poem. But does that mean that those things are any less important? are any less valuable? no. They are just me. Not Perfect

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