Inspiration's Secret Garden

January 6th, 2012.

Artists of all kinds create from things that inspire them. So many times artists are questioned about where their final products of genius germinate from? A true artist has difficulty answering this question… and usually stop and ponder, because in reality inspiration doesn’t come from one place. An artist doesn’t painter doesn’t gather thoughts to create a painting from one thing, sure he could paint a river that he is looking at, but parts of him or his thoughts or feeling or experiences are in that painting. A writer doesn’t create a story from one experience, though it could be about one moment, her other thoughts and feelings and experiences are wrapped up in it as well. A pianist doesn’t compose from one thought or memory but from everything around.

Inspiration comes from sight, sound, smell, touch, thought, taste, anything and everything that has ever existed or could exist in your wildest imagination. So when someone asks where do you get your inspiration from? I say everything.

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