It's Not Always About Romance

January 23, 2012.

If I say the word “love” what’s the first thing that pops into your head? A former lover, perhaps? Maybe a current one. A summer of dreams and careless flirtations with an attractive being of the opposite sex. Sure, that’s love; there is no denying that.

Did any of you think of a best friend? Maybe a brother… a sister? Maybe a couple of you. How sad. Pathetic really. Romantic love is a beautiful thing no doubt but so often societal pressures see to it that the word love means romance or sex. It was created to be so much more than that. Love was created to express the feeling that you would do literally anything to ensure the other person was safe and happy in the end. It’s when you hurt because someone you care so deeply about is in pain. It’s when you smile because your best friend just delivered great news that pertains nothing to you: but you still care… because it makes them happy. It’s when after you have a fight with your brother you can still stand there face to face and say that you love each other, because you truly do. Love is a beautiful thing: in all ways, shapes, or forms. It is a precious gift and should be treated as such. So maybe next time when you are casually asked by a friend “hey how’s your love life?” You can reply with a definite “it’s great” even though you may be single because it’s not always about romance

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