Just One

January 25, 2012.

Let’s think about the anatomy of the heart. There are multiple valves, tubes, ins, outs, layers, etc. It’s all so intricately wound and so perfectly designed to pump blood through our bodies at the exactly correct time and moment and amount to keep us alive and running and healthy. Now let’s think about the anatomy of your heart. There are multiple layers, multiple characteristics, multiple happy valves, and multiple sad valves, ins, outs, etc. Perfectly designed and constructed so that one day one man or woman can keep that pump going. So often we tarnish our hearts: McDonald’s, Family Guy reruns, Chicken Express is my downfall. The heart gets congested, clogged, begins to slow, doesn’t work like it should… eventually stops. Just like our hearts: We give and give and take and take, our hearts go on roller coasters for years. Happy one second to being punched in the gut the next, sweethearts are my downfall. The heart begins to break; it begins to fall apart from all of the wear and tear. From all of the abusive words, the blame, the fault thrust upon it, the pressure to push the hearts limits.

Unfortunately we only have one heart. There isn’t a second option when one dies off. Protect that heart from all the wear and tear: it won’t help in the end… it can only hurt it. Protect your heart from those oh so tempting dollar double cheeseburgers. Keep it young, keep it safe because you’ve been given just one.

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