Like Everyone Else

January 27, 2012.

I’m not really sure what part of me created this. It just started coming out. Figured I would share it.

Why do I feel flattered? Tis a rather foolish notion, to be a young lady with hopes, dreams, aspiration, goals… and yet to be whisked away by someone special truly believing that they too thought you were special. I suppose I understand why, a connection, a special one at that, but still only a connection. Connections which are made constantly by so many. So, why is this one special? Why is this one different? Being the foolish young las that I am he seemed different from all the rest. He was above the childish jokes and immature pettiness that all the rest seemed to feed off of. My soul could finally take a breath of fresh air with his conversations, though it could also grin goofily in bliss. Conversations were not forced and came naturally, but at the same time I am an expert conversationalist so what else is new? He was nice to me (ah the foolish error at its source), but he is nice to everyone. Who am I to think I was any different? Who was I to think that I obtained another level of supremacy above all the rest in his mind? I shouldn’t flatter myself.

I let myself believe I was special. Such a foolish error. I’m not special. Never have been. I am like everyone else out there. I’m like all the rest in his eyes. A friendship I expect, nothing more and not for long. It saddens me: why you may ask? Remember earlier, he was different, and I thought I was too. Time to yank my lofty head from the clouds and jolt back the facts: don’t flatter yourself. You are just like everyone else

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