A Mediocre Love Story

February 21, 2012

Their love story is mediocre at best. Not a Cinderella story, not a Romeo and Juliet story, not some movie magic fairytale… no. In fact their problems were more than forbidden love. Their problems were more personal, and those problems often took the forefront over happiness, over a healthy relationship. They were both stubborn like that. Not willing to change, yet not willing to leave each other. They resorted to a life of frustrations and constant heated arguments over the most pointless of things. They always spoke of being wise. Age brings wisdom they would always say, yet here they sit with the most immature of dispositions bickering about which way is fastest to get to the gas station or putting a piece of silverware in the wrong drawer. It was immature and foolish, but they didn’t care. They were both too proud to fix things for them and for their family who were forced to sit idly by without a peep that it was affecting them for fear of complete and utter acts of irrational anger and indignation. Frustrations begin to rise e further and further and then… abandonment. Total and utter abandonment, leaving those you once cared for to flop around like dead fish attempting to compensate for the loss. There was no explanation, no known reason… only to him and her were they known and they felt that was enough. Maybe the time was coming, maybe them as a them was coming to a close, maybe just maybe things would fall for a time but then pull out. Yet tensioned remained high and the arguing and deceit became worse. Everyone was miserable and like previously stated they were both to stubborn and proud to make up and fix things. So that’s what they risked: the happiness and safety of their loved ones only to prove that neither was going to cave in. Communication ceased to exist in a civil matter and words became a manner by which to push someone away or win an argument. No longer were words used to describe their love, no longer were words used to convey affection or the fact you care about someone, no longer were words used to bring a smile on someone’s face. And now all kinds of screwed up craziness manifests itself in places where it can easily pop out and destroy all of what you worked for. That was them, that Is them. They are loved by so many… but nasty to each other.

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