Mending the Tear

April 19, 2012

Excuses excuses. People constantly make excuses. Excuses for a foolish action. Excuses for a lazy belief. Excuses for simply ignoring the truth. Excuses for being big fat idiots. Maybe one day the world will grab hold of chivalry and maturity and grasp the concept of taking responsibility for your actions. Of course this will never happen because there will always be that one, that one who chooses to act immaturely and has such a tight grasp on everyone else that they follow suit. A world full of “that one.” And unfortunately that is the sad truth. I suppose I don’t maintain a significant level of credibility as I too suffer from taking responsibility for my actions, but I definitely do NOT ignore the fact that I do so, and I am working on mending that tear in my character. If only the world would do the same; if only they too would mend that tear. Until then I will try to set a good example. Me, in my imperfectness will do my best to fix those tears.

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