Never Change

April 30, 2012

That moment when you thought there was hope. That moment when you thought there was going to be a change. That moment that you thought that even though things would never be the same that maybe they would be different… different in a good way. Then the harsh world throws a reality check at you: people never change. No matter how much our na├»ve hearts find bits and pieces that have changed and see that person as a changed person, they never have changed. That person will always be that person. No matter how hard we search for those changes in that person, they will never be there. Yes, little things change and people can have a change of heart, but their basic personality traits will not change, and those are the things that make us who we are. It’s better to get that straight from the start because if not broken hearts will come with only more consistency and disappointment will plague our happy moments. Do not expect people to change because they won’t. Don’t get yourself excited thinking you are going to be the one to change them. Because you aren’t. And while some may think this as a pessimistic point of view, it is not. It is a brash but true statement about the reality of this world and the way that people function in it. People never change, end of story.

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