April 5, 2012

Those moments where the most you can make yourself do is sit there and stare at a wall. A blank wall, covered in shadows. Nothing is bad. But nothing is good. Everything is simply nothing.Your mind is blank and you are existing in complete apathy. Your muscles soon relax and you feel yourself slipping. Your muscles loosen and your eyes begin to close. You are about to fall into a sort of sleep state, one you may never come out of, but you don’t care. The softest sound of a ringing buries itself deep in your ear. But you can’t do anything about it, so you just close your eyes hoping that with time the ringing will subside. Either that or you simply get used to it and it becomes comforting. Time continues on like this pattern for quite a while… or so it seems. With eyes close and mind slowing down one can only hope that emotions will return at some point. Positive or negative ones, it doesn’t matter. Just something… something to remind yourself that you are still here, that you are still alive, that you are still human.

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