Off to the Hills

February 6, 2012.

I too have those days that drag you down. Where sometimes I just think and stare into space listening to my music at a volume that will no doubt cause permanent damage to my ear drums and I just think. I block out the world and slip into a very familiar place… a place I have been dreaming about since I can remember.

It starts off with a cabin. A small cabin tucked in woods that rested on the highest mountain, but it wasn’t cold. The weather was always the perfect character to cater to my moods. There is a pond not 20 yards from the front door with a small trickling waterfall feeding it sustenance. The trees surrounding the habitat are teeming with life, but life that cannot harm me. There are walking trails in the woods that I have spent many hours putting into place, but there is no trash, no evidence that anyone but me has been there. Creeks constantly babble and make frequent visits into my sight. Rope swings have been hung everywhere as well as hammocks: to truly enjoy nature in the carefree way I always seem to resort back to. My husband lives here too. He enjoys exploring and most of all climbing: he taught me how to climb, we climb a lot together. In the evening we settle down on the couch with all of the doors and windows open letting in the breeze and smells of beautiful night. We share tea and thoughts (which we never seem to run out of) and more often than not fall asleep together on the couch. We rise with sun and frequently examine its beautiful appearance and we begin our day over again. It’s perfect. No pain. No annoyance. No frustrations.

It seems to be one of my favorite places to escape to. On days when the wall sitting in front of me doesn’t satisfy my fantasies.

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