Pain So Deep

April 24, 2012
The wound stung so deep and so wide that is searing pain became habit. Before much time passed the pain became natural and seemed as if a moment without pain never existed. What does not being in pain feel like? Over time the pain began to increase and eventually the affected area became numb. The redness and swelling of the wound revealed that the pain was all still there, that the wound was still infected. But the brain decided it was too much pain. Too much pain for one body to handle and simply chose to ignore it.
 Though it took quite some time, the wound began to heal. But the thing about numbness is that yes, pain cannot be felt, but neither can relief. The wound began to heal, but as eyes were too preoccupied with the pain the noticeable healing was simply not noticed. Unfortunately the body kept in the state of pain. Moping and lifeless as it knew the pain was there while all along healing was taking place.
 At one point the blind like sight was restored to reveal the wound that was long ago healed. Joy was given as there was no more reason to be numb, no more reason to mope.

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