The Past: What Scares Us

January 2nd, 2012.

We’ve all heard tale of things of the past haunting our future selves, well who is to say that those ancient geniuses were far off. Now we might not all be visited by a literal ghost of the past, but often times we find ourselves slipping into moments of the past where we were hurt or abandoned or lost or desperate or times of mistakes and lies and foolish actions. And these awful negative moments creep up like the vines of the forest ground to clench on to us so tight and won’t let go until all of the sudden we fall…. fall with no hope left… fall into nothingness… fall into blankness… fall into being scared of the present and of the future because the past has such a tight grip on our current reality.

That’s not a way to live. Living without enjoying. Life isn’t meant to a book of sad pages. It was created to enjoy, with no pain or suffering of any kind. Things of our past changed that though when those two made a mistake, but its long over due that someone should turn it all around. If you struggle from the past take time to lament and reflect, but then let it go. let it burn, because we all know when something is burned…. its never coming back. Its no way to live, being afraid of something thats already past. Look to the future as if there is nothing to be afraid of…. because in reality, there isn’t.