The Perilous Path of Passiveness

March 31, 2012.

A state of neutrality during which all emotions take the same image. When a marvelous moment appears as contentment and a hurtful one appears as melancholy. No extremes. No bursts. Living in neutrality.

A victim lives in a state where bad things don’t darken then mood, but happy things don’t lighten it either. Yes, no extreme feelings of negativity, but no extreme feelings of positivity either. What a sad way to live, knowing that blank stare into space will hold even when something is passed in front of it. No blinking just empty eyes. A lover can not heighten emotions past neutrality and when that lover is lost eyes stay dry as those heartbreak emotions can not make it passed neutrality either. Hell never seemed so close. How do these people live? not extremely feelings anything? They exist now but one day each and everything person traveling down this path will fall. And they will get beaten, they will get hurt. Not by any person in particular… but their emotions. The feelings they stocked away for so long finally burst out and they crack. Nay, they shatter. The constant emotional contrainst damns one to pain now, to feelings the bad and to feeling the good.

It is a terrifying road to head down. and a dangerous one at that.

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