Selfish Hopelessness

January 7th, 2012.

I get my inspiration from all places, but the basis of this story came from a conversation I had with a new friend and from well previous experiences… it’s not one of my best but the situation has a hold on me so I thought I would write about it.

So many times those around us impact us. Well of course, right? That’s a no brainer. So many times the actions of those around us bring happiness and joy and love and peace, and well just about every positive feeling you can think of. But then sometimes they do things that hurt us, that leave us empty, torn apart, damaged, angry, disappointed… hopeless.

I could sit here and try to be inspiring but honestly, I can’t convince you to see things differently because as humans those around us and especially those most important to us have an uncontrollable tether on our feelings. I wish I had a solution to say if someone you love is making bad decisions or upsetting you by their actions that there is a way to just block it out completely…. Alas there is not. It will tug on our heart like Atlas is at the other end pulling that rope. But fortunately we can choose to move ahead. So accept what has happened and find a way to see past it and concentrate on fixing the problem or moving past it! Forgetting it or dealing with it: either way. We have the choice to decide what to do, but no matter how hard you wish the past has happened. So don’t dwell. Just move on…

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