A Simple Deep Sleep

April 11, 2012

Close your eyes. Relax your body. Let the things on the forefront of your mind slip somewhere into unconsciousness and concentrate on peace. Imagine a bed. A large fluffy bed covered in plush pillows and warm blankets. The room is slightly chilly, so the warmth of the blankets creates a soothing effect. The soothing effect gives way to sleep. Imagine this as the best sleep you have ever had. Not interrupted by bad dreams, not interrupted by good ones. Deep deep sleep like you have never had before. You sleep for hours and hours turn into what seems like days and those days turn into what seems like a week. Sleeping in the most depth a sleep can reach. When you wake the atmosphere around you smells of freshness. Your brain is clear and your first breath it brought hope. A simple sleep, a simple deep sleep.

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