April 25, 2012

Something bold. Something brash. Something that will change a face to that of horror or surprise. Something that will shake things up. That’s what I want to invent. I want people to scream. I want people to freeze. I want people to question the origins of such an idea, such a though, such a written word. I’m not always a nice girl. I’m definitely not, and I get sick and tired of being the sweet one around everyone who doesn’t truly know me, which is most people. I want to walk around smoking a cigar. I want to curse in public. I want to shout my opinions at the world even if they don’t matter. I don’t want to go crazy, but I want to change it up. I want to catch people off guard. I want to show them what I can really create with more than just a few flowery words. I want to create something that shows that not everything ends up happy and okay in the end because some things aren’t meant to be that way. I don’t care if people don’t want to hear it, I want to tell it. I just don’t know how…

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