March 12, 2012.

You’ve been awake for no more than two hours, and yet thoughts of that bed are filling your brain. Noon rolls around and while you are munching on lunch images of your bed pop in and out of your eyesight. Afternoon rolls around and even a cup of coffee or two doesn’t shake the burning necessity to crawl under those toasty peaceful blankets and never come out. Evening rolls around and activities are bustling. Homework and cleaning, dinner and studying, catching up and studying some more. Night rolls around and a shower leaves you clean and fresh but as the headache gets worse and worse you know something must be done. The bed is so close. Who knew some springs and cotton would soon enough be our life line? But they were. So close I can touch it, but long hours until I am allowed to be enveloped in it. Every part of me is pushing, to simply go and forlorne today’s resposibilities and shut my eyes for a time of uninterupted peace. Closer and closer my body gets as my brain pushes more and more to simply let go and give in, give into peace. With one final snap the body let go and let itself slip. Slip smoothly underneath the comforts of warmth and security knowing that after this refreshment will come.

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