That Blissful Moment

April 16, 2012

I keep wishing for those days. Those blissful days when I wasn’t worried about work or classes or living arrangements or car problems. Those wonderful warm breezy days where I laid wrapped in the arms of someone I loved and laughing along with my friends as we complete the picturesque moment. People say those only exist in movies, but they don’t. They are just as real as any other moment, though they are fleeting and their appearance becomes less and less until those blissful moments no longer exist. That day terrifies me because after that what will I have to wish for? What will I have to look forward to? But the same monotonous and depressing moments over and over and over again with relentless torture. Those blissful moments give me hope. Hope that not everything in this world hard. That some of the most happiest moments… they just come. And so I sit living a hard life with headaches and stressors simply wishing that some divine grace would wish upon me a blissful moment. So for now I keep wishing for that moment while living in this one. And while that is no way to live, it’s life.

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