That Cup of Coffee

January 24, 2012.

The aroma of the freshly brewed coffee consumed the air. With a sigh of relief my massive headache began to taper away. “Today will be okay,” I told myself. “It’s gonna be fine.” I added the artificial sugar packet and a swish of soy milk to top it off. Not even bothering to stir it, I gulped down a good fourth of it: relief. A trying day was ahead of me I could tell… so could the coffee: I suppose that’s why it offered its addictive tendencies in such a particularly delectable manner this morning.

The day presented challenges of all kinds. New homework assignments, breaks in strength, missing someone, late night reading of assigned books that make no sense, etc. The list goes on. Throughout the entire day I kept thinking of that cup of coffee. Of course after my 11 A.M. trip to the ladies room the coffee was no longer present in my system, yet it’s comforting effects were lodged in my brain. As the day came to a close the headache returned home along with his family: stomach pain and sore back; yet still that cup of coffee had a hold on me. A rough day it was: but the coffee got me through. All I can think about while drifting off to sleep is the feeling of relief when I hit that “on” button tomorrow morning and the coffee begins to brew again.

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