Those Cows

April 8, 2012.

Eyes on the prize. The city on the horizon. The buildings. The people. The lights. The excitement. The success. The idea of it all. My mind is constantly looking down the road at that place. I see how happy I am there and all I want is time to speed up so I can be done here. I want to speed up to the time where I am happy. In a big city with all of the people. Where I am in the center of it all. My mind stretches too far sometimes, that I forget to see what there is around me. To notice the small contradictions that I am actually drawn to. Like cows. Cows in a field. Momma cows and Daddy cows and multitudes of baby cows curling up in the long grass resting amongst the breeze. I saw it and I stopped. Why am I looking at cows? They’re just cows, that’s it! I liked those cows. Heck, I loved those cows. And I loved them for absolutely no reason at all. Maybe because for once instead of looking forward to the future for my happiness, I found it right here. Amongst a country side where the only lights are the stars. So contradictory, so different and yet I enjoy it. I enjoyed the view of the country side, I enjoyed the stars, but mostly I enjoyed those cows. They gave me a fresh perspective.

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