Those Days

April 29, 2012

Amidst the troubles and the daily struggles, once every now and then I get a drift of a good feeling. A hint of a spark. A thought of something that might turn into something even better. A hope. A yearning for the future to come quicker to see what it brings. But also contentment in knowing that slowing down time and enjoying everything that is happening in the moment, is just as wonderful. These moments come so sparsely, but are designed that way to make them even more appealing. They leave one with a little grin in the back of their mind. A grin that you can keep for a while, to keep you going and to keep you smiling. To keep you daydreaming of the marvelous and care free days to come. Days when friends laugh all through the night and days that romance makes an appearance. Days when eyes closed and feet up provide the perfect rejuvenation. Days when life seems perfect and so meaningful. Keep thinking of those. Those days are coming. They’re running. Running towards us.

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