Those Nights

April 27, 2012

Those nights. Those warm, nearly summer nights. After a long weeks worth of work and dedication and stress and planning. A night where those things can finally slip into a part of the mind labeled “just think about me tomorrow.” A night not necessarily full of crazy mind blowing events. But simply a night appreciating the world that exists around us, and to remind us to be thankful for it. A night full of memories and relaxation with people you care about and some that you are beginning to care about. A beautiful night, not set in the theme of an exclusive Cali coast party, not set in an exotic land that costs an arm and a leg. No, a night that exists parallel to your daily activities. When those activities are through and the beautiful night reveals its charming wonders, it’s nice to stop and observe. Observe the transition from daily activities to the joys and exciting tid bits that occur when the sun goes down. Thankful for the night. For it gave hope that not all hope is lost. That a well deserved break is coming and it will be lovely. Thank you oh beautiful night, for gracing us with your presence.

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