Thou Mayest

January 20, 2012.

Timshel: “Thou Mayest”

God spoke to Cain. He told him even though you are a murderer, you have the ability to conquer sin. Timshel. Thou Mayest. That’s the brilliant thing about our Savior, (among other brilliant things) he gave us the ability to choose. He gave us the ability to do all things through him. But it’s still our choice. Our choice to choose the right way or the wrong way. Thou Mayest… I sit here and ponder.

We can choose to conquer the dark… to conquer the pain that fogs our sight. While we suffer from ailments and diseases of all kinds in this world, we can choose to conquer them. Now of course that doesn’t mean they go away: human anatomy is still the same, but remember: Timshel. I suffered, suffer rather. I am a happy person… most of the time. I get in funks. I don’t eat. I don’t sleep. I have nightmares. I fall apart at the drop of a pin. I watch as my entire existence slips away into nothingness that I can’t seem to grab hold of and pull out of. But remember: Timshel.

Thou Mayest. Thou Mayest. Thou Mayest. I can choose. I have been given the ability to conquer the nothingness. I have been given the freedom to let myself slip into the nothingness, but I also have the freedom and the ability to pull myself out. This makes sense to me. When I tell others this they seem to blame their unhappiness on a disorder or a sickness: fair enough. But what about Timshel? What about God? What about his gracious gift of freedom. To choose. You are bogged down by anything and everything and the bubble of air around you seems to shrink and shrink in closer until you are on the verge of suffocation. On the verge of just giving up and not even trying to breathe anymore. Remember: you can choose to overcome it.

Timshel: Thou Mayest

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