Three Day Old Miracle

January 10th, 2012.

What’s gone is gone, and what’s lost is lost.

What God has taken up to him, is just that.

A purpose? for what Purpose?… I sometimes doubt Him.

A sweet child of such beauty and youth, one with such a bright future with things to accomplish and people to inspire. A family to be with…. a sister to understand and love. She was robbed of that and she was too young to even have an opinion or a breath of words…. hardly even a wise cry. She changed some lives though, ah, there’s the purpose. She changed hearts, and convinced those men in lab coats that miracles do exist.She was one of those miracles. Though she only had three days…. she changed so many lives. Brought them humbly to the feet of Jesus and them His love and power. An inspiration to me she still is, my other half, my confidant, oh how I wish she was here. A role model for the rest of us… to make use of the time we have been given here. Just like her.

In loving memory of Rachel Anne Darling. You are missed more and more everyday.

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