Time For Tea

January 11th, 2012.

The sun arose on a beautiful and oddly toasty winter day, the scent of enjoyment in the air. Daily routines were reluctantly but still contently completed by all, with dreams of the coming afternoon running through their minds. Dresses were zipped and ties were tied and the final touch of a smile brought everyone to gather for the quaintest of activities. Tea Time. Young men and young ladies with open hearts gathered to converse the afternoon away whilst sharing secrets of perfectly prepared tea. Green tea, earl grey, pomegranate, dashes of honey, pinches of sugar, spoons to stir and then tongues taste; the worries of the day simply melted away. Continuing in the peaceful atmosphere secrets were shared and bits and pieces of soft hearts were revealed. Photos were taken and smiles were exchanged even dancing made an appearance. Friends enjoyed the company and acquaintances drew closer, love was revealed and sought and all came together like never before. As darkness set in a few ivory keys were touched to round off the peace at heart and all began to disperse. Kisses and hugs consumed the room and promises to call soon were made with definite intent. Cars drove off and the door was gently shut on the most enjoyable of times: Tea Time.

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