The Timeline

January 18, 2012.

Somewhat inspired by Awake My Soul by Mumford and Sons.

Day to day we find ourselves in a rush. The same rush writers all over the world discuss as the hinderance of great work and inspiration. They say to slow down… but seldom do they speak of ways to do so, of ways to open up to things beyond the every day, out of the box they might say. We become drones of society. We must open up and choose how we spend our time, not let society dictate it for us. Find something, something that catches your eye or makes your heart flutter. Something that for a minute relieves you from the timeline you are put in everyday. Something that doesn’t consider time as a factor. Something that enlightens your soul and challenges it and asks it to think.

For that thing whatever it may be: take time. Time away from the day to day timeline to experience the peace and joy you find in opening your soul to what you love. No longer will your soul (mind) be cluttered or foggy but for those moments when you indulge the eyes of you soul are miraculously opened and you fly away to a place that doesn’t seem to exist all the time. Find that place, that moment, that thing. Find it and don’t let it go.

Writing. That’s what it is for me. It opens my soul and everything simply pours out like those stunning waterfalls. But it’s a place away from the drone of day to day life. It lifts me higher than the stars and brings me somewhere else. Away from the timeline: that’s where I find my joy.

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