Too Too Painted Pride

April 20, 2012

Here you are existing in unhappiness and troubled times. You don’t know where you are and are not positive of your future. Your friends disappeared and your time is spent alone. Alone with a bottle of Jack Daniels and an Xbox remote. No one knows you well enough to notice that anything is wrong and your pride keeps you from admitting your distress to those people who actually care. You cover it up because you refuse to feel something. You refuse to feel the abandonment of feeling lost so that one day you may be found again. I hope for your sake a day comes when the pressure and unhappiness come to a climatic and grand peak and you can no longer hide it in a fictional character. I hope for your sake your pain will be so overbearing that maintaining a fa├žade of pride will be nearly impossible. Then maybe you will finally be able to find happiness; to find purpose. The purpose you have been void of.

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